Which Online Casinos are Legal in Canada?

  • Friday, Feb 25, 2022

Gambling in the early days had its negatives and positives. One of the good things about gambling at a land-based casino is that you can connect with your friends. Also, there are background noises that add to the thrill of the game. However, there are more negatives to playing at land-based casinos. One of them is that you will need to travel down to the casino to play. Also, you may need to wait your turn before you can play. Waiting before playing casino games will take a lot of time. We will be explaining more about online casinos in this article.

The Legality of Online Casinos in Canada

Players use online gambling as a hobby to get away from the reality of life. Other players use online gambling as a means of survival. However, these two categories of people, need to have an enabling environment to enjoy the best games. Also, enjoying the game will not cut it for someone that sees online gambling as a means of survival. So different countries like Canada as legalized gambling in their countries. The government of Canada has given every province the autonomy to regulate gambling in their states. That means online casinos can only operate at the state level and not the federal.

Another thing about gambling in Canada is that players can play casino games at offshore casinos. That means online operators can set up their gambling services in another country and accommodate Canadian players. So a player who wants to enjoy the best game, just makes sure the gambling site has a valid licence from the top licensing authorities. These gambling authorities may include Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Authority. However, for players that want to play at a land-based casino, they have to play by the rule of the state government. So, we can all agree that gambling is legal in Canada.

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The Canadian gambling history dates back to the 1800s when gambling was legalized. Then, the legislature deliberate and decided to ban gambling in 1892. The ban caused many steer from many quarters, but people had no choice but to accept the ban. However, the great breakthrough came in 1985 when playing machine games were made legal. Players now had the chance to play their favourite games without hiding from anyone that picks offenders up. Subsequently, the government has amended the law and allowed players to play at offshore casinos. You need to be careful when choosing an offshore casino.

Choosing the Best Offshore Casino as a Canadian Player

As we have said earlier, gambling is legal in Canada, but players need to be sure they know how to spot the right casino to choose. Interestingly, many online casinos will make you a juicy offer that would want to make you make the move to join. But, most of them are just getting another prey they can scam. Top online casinos do not disturb prospective players, they try to attract you with what they have. They will give you the facts and proof about their casino. Then, it is left to you as the player to verify the casino's claims and make a decision.

One of the ways to verify if the casino is safe to play is to check the licensing body that regulates their activities. You know it is easier for a company to misbehave when they don't have anyone to check them. For online gambling sites, holding a valid licence with a regulatory body keeps you in check and also puts you on a higher level than others without the licence. The licence a casino holds is a sign that the casino is safe for a player to join. Another thing you should check is the variety of games you can enjoy when you register at the betting site.